About us



United Capital Management Joint Stock Company - UNICAP was established in 2008 with the approval of the State Securities Commission of Vietnam. UNICAP aspires to become the leading Vietnamese Alternative Investment and Fund Management Company in terms of service quality and investment performance.



UNICAP team members have extensive working experience in international financial institutions and multinational corporations in the fields of Investment Management, Private Equity, Banking and Corporate Finance, Management Consulting and Auditing. UNICAP has a vast network of domestic and foreign investors and partners with leading financial institutions. We are proud to collaborate with market leading companies and large corporations.



Our Capabilities

UNICAP is active in alternatives investment and in developing sustainable alternative investment strategies based on in-depth research and analysis, portfolio diversification, rigorous risk management and internal control to achieve above-average returns for our investors and to preserve their wealth. We believe a combination of multiple investment strategies provide our clients with enhanced diversification potential and a desired blend of risk and return objectives.








Our Vision


UNICAP conducts alternative investment activities, connects domestic and foreign investors with regards to local and international investment opportunities.




Our Mission


UNICAP conducts investment activities, connects domestic and foreign businesses and investors applying international standards of professionalism, transparency, and effective risk management to generate attractive returns for our investors by adding significant value to the portfolio companies. In addition, we aim to lead and promote the development of the economy and the financial market in Vietnam









UNICAP provides financial products and investment opportunities tailored to the needs of each individual investor. We understand their aspirations, investment needs, and all aspects of their financial situations in order to incorporate those considerations into tailored investment strategies.




UNICAP understands the value of talented individuals, enables them to achieve their best performance and reach their full potential. We provide a working environment in which our team members can develop and focus on delivering excellent results and services to our investors. At the same time, we nurture, maintain and develop a strong relationship with each client.




UNICAP commits to innovate, create, and actively seek attractive investment opportunities. We design unique, innovative, and distinctive investment products to deliver long term investment results and services to our clients.  




UNICAP considers transparency as one of the most important factors for our business activities as it is of equal importance for our investors, partners and shareholders to establish trustful and long term business relationships.


UNICAP is in compliance with Environmental, Social, and Governance standards (ESG) - three central factors in measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of our investments.




UNICAP highly regards dedication, proactivity, innovation and responsibility in our team which are also fundamental standards for our investors’ relations. Our clients have a dedicated portfolio manager who understands their respective goals and objectives.


 UNICAP team possesses substantial working experience and deep knowledge of the global and Vietnamese  financial market.

 Ability to provide diversified financial services in accordance with international standards and investors' needs.

 A wide network of long term partners and investors, including domestic and foreign financial institutions, large corporations and high net worth individuals.

 Unique deal origination and execution experience of attractive opportunities on the global scale. 

 Proven value creation strategies for its portfolio companies. 

 Creating synergies across asset classes and within the partnership/ecosystem.

 International organizational structure, leadership style and modern management systems.

 Implemented internal control systems and investment processes.