Unicap and the French Embassy talk: Exploring opportunities between Vietnam and France


On the Unicap side, the French delegation was accompanied by Mr. La Quy Hien, Chairman of the Management Board of Unicap Fund Management Company, Mr. Thomas Baden, Acting General Manager and Mr. Nguyen Tri Hieu, Senior Consultant of Unicap.

Economic delegation of the Embassy of France wishes to have a working session with Unicap to learn about Vietnam's tax and banking policies as well as to explore opportunities for business linkages between French and Vietnamese businesses. .

After more than two hours of exchanges in warm, positive and goodwill, Senior Advisor Nguyen Tri Hieu and the Unicap Management Board responded to the French embassy delegation's main points of economic policy. Vietnam's macro economy, especially tax and banking.


Regarding tax policy, the two sides exchanged views on the basics of tax policy in Vietnam, problems in tax policy, reform direction, balance between revenue sources individuals, corporate taxes, indirect taxes, especially VAT ...). The two sides also discussed and discussed issues related to the means to improve tax collection and the linkage of tax policy with public finance / state budget. In the field of banking, the management board of Unicap Fund Management Company informed the French delegation of the contents related to the current situation and the situation of restructuring the banking system in Vietnam. bad banking industry, as well as operations of the asset management company VAMC.

On the cooperation between Unicap and French businesses, Mr. Hervé Ochsenbein introduced to Unicap a number of opportunities for cooperation. The French side would like to be able to direct the French companies to Unicap and Unicap's business partners in the near future. Unicap expressed his willingness to welcome and share business opportunities with French companies introduced by the Embassy.



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